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Pre Piano Lessons App

The easy to use Pre Piano Lessons app is perfect for visual learners age 3 and up. As soon as you memorize the 3 steps shown below, you can start with the lessons.

Pre Piano Keyboard App

This app continues from where Pre Piano Lessons leaves off. The animals get replaced with a chord-coded keyboard and a more sophisticated composition module that uses real note names.

“With the help of some elephants, giraffes and alligators even the young ones can enjoy the gifts that music brings”
Amy Catriona

How to get started

image showing beginner piano lessons app user interface

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site about?

Many websites advertise early music education services but www.earlymusiceducation.com takes a different approach because we believe that parents should introduce their child to music at home and as soon as possible.

Why at home?
The answer is “acoustics”. Acoustics change when we leave the house. If you’ve been in an empty room then you know exactly what we mean.

Why is this important?
Beginning music students benefit from hearing music “at home” because it is the acoustic space they live in and the only environment they are familiar with.

What are Pre Piano lessons?

“Pre Piano Lessons” is the name of a new app which turns moms into music teachers.

If you have 5 minutes, then you can try the app right now and see for yourself how well it teaches.

Here is a quick link which opens the app in your browser):

Pre Piano Lessons App

App download links:

Right now, the Pre Piano Lessons and Pre Piano Keyboard apps are FREE but beginning with the next update, they will be available at the cost of a chocolate bar.

What do I need to do next?

If your child has an ear for music and is still at the pre-reading stage, then load the Pre Piano Lessons app (see top of page) and and be amazed how quickly the app teaches.

Use the HELP button to watch the app introduction video and read up on what the buttons do.

After a few days or weeks (both are OK), she/he will most likely be ready to move up to the Pre Piano Keyboard (see below).

Do you have a more advanced app than those two?

Yes. There are a total of 5 apps which form the “Creative Children Compose Music” method.

The next app is called “Little Composers Piano” and uses everything that was learned with the Pre Piano Keyboard.

You can see this powerful app in action here:


Contact us if you have questions or suggestions. We are always happy to help and learn.

Pre Piano Keyboard (app)

The Pre Piano Keyboard is the go-to app when a child has outgrown the Pre Piano Lessons.

The color-coded keyboard makes sure that your little composers sees the difference between the C and G chord. The help page (accessible from within the app) included a short introduction video which shows you everything you need to know about composing with letters and much more.

What makes this app especially suited for teaching is the improved composition module which makes editing music easy. Just touch a letter and press a key. Done.

pre piano keyboard app interface
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